Cat Condos

with a view

Thought we were only about dogs? Think again! Our luxury cat condos include multi-level accommodations and rooms with a view. Plexiglass front doors provide an entertaining view, while solid walls mean privacy between condos. Condos are limited to ensure each cat has the opportunity for their daily “Cat Purrchin’” — spending time on our countertops, enjoying nature views out the window, scratching post time, and spying on the lobby through the glass door!

Our condos are all-inclusive and come with everything your feline needs: a comfy bed, premium food, a cat purrch, and a litterbox. There is also plenty of room for siblings to share a condo!

Have special food, treats, or meds? We’re happy to take it! Just bring it in a labeled ziplock bag. 

We do require proof of vaccinations before boarding and grooming. Please provide all required documentation prior to your check in date.

For cats we require documentation of up to date vaccines from a licensed veterinarian.

  • Rabies

Condo Rates

Cat Condos

$ 28 PER DAY
  • Plush Cat Bed
  • Personal Litter Box
  • Fresh Water
  • Premium Cat Food


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